An invitation from 2009

When I get really itchy it means I’m about to get an idea. It’s as though my pores are pushing out something greater than me. And it itches.

Well, I’m itchy.

This blog is an experiment. An idea. My story. A space to share my experience as a 25, single, white, female. I wouldn’t say this is a mid-life crisis, but rather a quarter-life questioning.

And I’ve got a lot of those. Questions…that is. About sex, love, family, independence, the whole shabang. The more I go on in this life, the more questions I have and it’s long enough they’ve gone unanswered. Through this blog I will attempt to find some closure, peace, understanding, with this world.

You are cordially, happily and warmly invited along for the ride. Hopefully we can learn from each other.

Til our next embrace,



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