Where I’m comin’ from: part I

Obviously I can’t sum up all my relationships in a nice and tidy package BUT that’s what I’m going to try and do! To this date I’ve had (and yes I do mean, had) seven relationships and not all of them have been quite that (relationships, that is), but nonetheless these are the men who have shaped my dating, love, sex, and heartbreak experiences thus far.

1. Brian aka The Fire Sign

I haven’t always been into astrology but when I was high school I found it soothing because it seemed to explain the people around me and why they were so weird, ahem, I mean different. I still love astrology but I don’t live my life by it in any shape or form. Now Brian was a fire sign. And I’m a fire sign. So from the get-go I should have known we would just create a bunch of fire. The good and the bad kind, but the bad always burned the good. Brian wasn’t an awful person, he was just too much like me and I was too young and nieve to know I deserved better. So after a year and half relationship, I broke up with him because “I didn’t feel like he loved me enough” and it was the hardest decision I had made in my young teenie-bopper life. I loved him but I knew he didn’t love me. I went into a sort of teenage-angsty depression for about a year (lexapro in tow) and when I finally came out of it I was to learn via his friend that he cheated on me with a younger girl, let’s call her “Fate.” I wasn’t mad, or even sad. I felt this great sense of relief. I had followed my gut feeling, my intuition, my crazy man in the back of my head and I was RIGHT.  Brian taught me a lot of things about myself. I could always be myself around Brian–I felt so comfortable. And he taught me to always follow my gut. Especially when it’s rumbling.

2. Ryan aka The College Guy

For a fleeting moment I dated a guy in college while I was 17. Turns out there’s a reason dad’s exist. To stop shit like that from happening. ‘Nuf said.

3. Jim aka Morrison

Jim LOVED music. The first time I saw him he had a purple velvet suit. And I was smitten. And then I heard he loved Nirvana, and I was in love. I was 17 and a senior in high school. I fell hard and fast and a year and half later we ended it because of the distance. I had gone off to college and the phone just wasn’t cutting it. Jim was probably one of the healthiest relationships I’ve ever had. He listened, loved and cared. Just one problem. He didn’t have any drive. The artists inside of him got the best of him most of the time; he often settled but he always had big dreams. Jim taught me to be weird and embrace it. He also showed me that I needed someone who was on the same path that I was.

TO BE CONTINUED…(relationships 4-7, and ohhh they are worth the wait)

Til our next embrace,



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