Text this (pointing to my ass)…!

I use to love texts. Random, fun little messages that would usually illuminate my day. And because I’ve been in a relationship for the majority of my life, I always found texts to be endearing when they came from my significant other.

Now I’m 25 and I don’t find texting so tantalizing. To be quite frank, it annoys the fuck out of me.

Texting is totally fine when you have a quick, short message with little emphasis on tone. For example, “Hey I’m here…sitting under the Monet” or “I’m going to ravage you when you get home from work today… you sexy thang you.” I’m totally all for these.

What I’m extremely against is having conversations via text message. It’s stupid! And quite frankly, a waste of my time and it’s probably contributing to my carpal tunnel syndrome (that I don’t have…yet). So a conversation that spans of ten-ish text messages, that probably takes 30 minutes to have because you get distracted, go pee, or whatever you do in between subsequent text messages…that same conversation could of been over within 10 minutes…but now it’s painfully drawn out.


Grow some balls and call my ass.

And I guess I should give you some context for all this text hostility…Let’s just say I’ve dated a couple of people recently who bow down to texting as the main form of communication. SO instead of calling me… I get a little “brelep” and the pain, I mean conversation, begins. Maybe I’m being dramatic about this but I really feel like the text message is a slap in the face.

There’s something that doesn’t feel natural about it. There’s no tone. And smiley faces only say so much. I am all about tone. Tone is who I am. The subtleties in sarcasm, a hint of frustration, a splash of giddiness…that’s all lost in the emotionless text. And to top it off, the text message is secretive. You can do it around anyone and they won’t know what you’re thinking. So for players, this is the prime form of communications. But to be fair, not just players, but the shy ones too.

Either way, I want no part of it. Player or shy. Grow some balls and call my ass. Text me a quote. Call me for a date.

Call me old fashioned…

ps. The guy I’m talking to now told me yesterday that he doesn’t have a text plan. I think we have a winner.

Til’ our next embrace,



2 thoughts on “Text this (pointing to my ass)…!

  1. Just revisiting some older posts of yours… this is ringing so true for me in my current situation! It’s just so much better if you use texts for perfunctory statements that have a point. No more of this “How is your day?” “Meh.” crap. I agree that it used to be a little thrill, until we realized that it’s really just another way of avoiding a real communication! Introverts may find it useful, but they’ll also never learn to properly communicate unless we FORCE THEM TO!! (I mean I’m actually not all about forcing people to do shit. But… DOWN WITH MOODY TEXTING!)

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