Hello, New York.

I recently went to New York for nine days.

It was absolutely delightful in absolutely every way.

For the past, well I don’t know how many years, let’s say a lot…I have wanted to move to New York and live life. I blame this strong urge mainly on movies. No, I’m not talking about When Harry Met Sally, blarg. I’m talkin’ ’bout some true gritty stuff like Basketball Diaries and Gangs of New York. And I think Princess Diaries was set there, too. The point is that I fell in love with New York because of 35mm film that traveled all the way to my little (at the time) 5,000 person town of Jenks, America, into my living room, right into my subconscious dreaming little self.

But up until a few weeks ago, I had never even been there. But I knew I would fit.

And I did fit. I fit perfectly on the subway seats, and walking down the busy sidewalks. I fit right into the indie concert scene and it was as though I had been hailing taxis my whole life. But most of all, I fit in Brooklyn. I was only there for a total of probably four hours, but the energy in that place was deafening. It felt real.

This is what New York was for me, in a nutshell. I know I have a lot of places to visit, a lot of places I have never been. But I’ve never felt so at home in a place that wasn’t my home.

My favorite moments in New York:

1. Going to a place I knew I would love with a new love

2. Getting on the subway and imaginging myself going home from a long day of work

3. Discovering and recording interesting sounds everyday

4. Eating waffles on Grand St.

5. Walking, walking, and more walking

6. My Crumbs carrot cake cupcake and coffee on a snowy Sunday morning

7. Dancing like I didn’t give a shit (because I didn’t) at a Brooklyn concert and then being told I was a good dancer by a fellow Brooklynite

8. Realizing that I could rock NY

9. Seeing the flower shops on the street and imagining that special someone coming home from work to our New York apartment with some New York flowers for me

10. Feeling the urge to write and film and listen to music and enjoy–all of the time

‘Til our next embrace,

25swf (not so “S” anymore)


4 thoughts on “Hello, New York.

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