It’s not what you’re wearing, it’s how you take it off

Dita von Teese, American burlesque artist

What’s the best way to get over tough times? Eating ice cream helps. A peach belini helps even more…but have you ever tried burlesque dancing??  (Crickets)

Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a dancer at all. Really, more the opposite. I have a brain-leg disconnect, but I still LOVE it.

And I highly recommend it to you. Since I’m in OKC, there is a place called Teaze. The website is a little, bad, BUT the classes are awesome. Nothing helps you feel sexier than dancing with a boa and peeling gloves off your finger tips with your teeth. It’s invigorating and hilarious. So get some girlfriends together and go. But make sure to drink that peach belini beforehand. You will thank me later 😉

Yours truly, 25swf


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