“Throw up” Crying: A funny thought on tears and creepers outside your window

You know you fight the urge to cry. I do it mainly because I’m mad that “he” could have that affect on me.

But you know what? Every time I let it go…it’s SO much better.

It’s like this.

I’m sitting there. I just heard a song that shook me to the core. Of course, it reminds me of everything. My mind is being flooded with images, memories, feelings. It hurts. And it keeps coming. The tears are swelling.

NO. You can’t have it! No more tears for you, sir!

Pushing down. BAM.BAM.

AHA! I win!

And just when I think it’s passed. Nope.

Ohhhh there it is…

So I will let it come.

Saddest whimper/cry “thing” you have ever heard escapes my mouth.

And then. It’s over. And better than it was.

I’m sure if someone was looking in my window (because that’s not creepy at all), they would move on to the next (like the Jay-Z song) because I would look like a nut.

Like a good throw up, when the nausea doesn’t subside after a saltine cracker. It’s letting the emotion take over. Don’t try to Pepto-Bismol that shit, let it out. LET IT OUT. What do you have to lose? You are alone…AND, you’re in luck, the creeper outside of your window will pick up his killer rope and go elsewhere. And by rope, I mean…

one-eyed monster


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