My New Years Anxiety and White People Problems

A few more days and it will be 2011. The world will keep turning, just for one more year though. Haven’t you heard? It all ends in 2012. And the only thing that will really change is the way I write my checks.

So why am I anxious? Anxious about New Years Eve and a silly night. I won’t be kissing anyone, as we all read. So no fun…I mean, pressure there.

Last year I was in New York with that certain “mind fucker” somebody. It was my first time to the city I want to live in. New York was glorious. But he started pulling away from me there. That’s where the mind fucking all began.

So, I won’t be enduring any mind fucking. YAY! But why do I feel so lonely? I am happy single. I am happy with my life and I am so very lucky for everything I have.

OH MY GOD. I know what it is.

I think I have the affliction…of White People Problems. Ya know? Those problems you make up because nothing is really bad, but something has to be bad. I can’t take credit for the dubbing of it White People Problems. A friend of mine is a hairdresser and had a client, a white dude, laid it out for her one day when she was feeling down.

I need to work on this White People Problem…the problem that doesn’t exist. Yeah my heart is broken, but GET OVER IT! I’m yelling it because maybe if it’s loud, it will stick this time.

And New Years, it can go to hell. I’m going to look hot, even if it is at a Waffle House with my bud Otis Redding. Why Otis? Because…

My sexy dress I bought from


Damn, Waffle House you're lookin' a perdy good!


Sexy 2011! but a little less NY and a little more OK.


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