The “In-Loves”

25swf blogI realized last night that some of you may be in love right now. And despite my angsty Fiona-Apple-attitude towards the matter, I realized I may not be completely fair to love. And who wants to read post after post about some sad 25-year-old whining about her heart being torn out of her chest and thrown to a pack of wolves.

But I digress… 😉

I believe in it. Ya know, LOVE. And I know it’s out there. I’m not anti-love. I’m not jaded. Well, maybe just a (wee) bit.

I refrain from saying that love is out there and waiting for me. Mainly because I think that’s part of my problem. Before the latest heart smoothie I have always thought of love as something (someone) out there waiting…Love is not waiting at all. Love is experiencing, loving others, heartbroken and then healing, and most of all…living. It does not wait. I want to find it growing and thriving, not waiting. That’s just dumb.

So I know love is out there, living for me. I’ll meet you one day.

And that being said. I still cringe a bit when I hear about one of my friend’s getting engaged. But rest assure, that’s my own shudder of fear. And if you are older than 25 and getting married, go you. Your chances of divorce go down significantly, and we all need any help we can get.

So to all you out there who are in love—I say, relish in it. Roll around in it. Fold yourself into it. Appreciate it. Respect it. Know that it may not always be there, so nurture it and let it grow. Let it grow into something bigger than love. Something bigger than you. Love is not “the” answer. Horrendous things are done out of love. Maybe with time we should try and rise above love and find something I will call…peace.

Temporarily peacefully yours,



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