Filling it in

Time is a funny thing. When you need more of it, it flies by. When you want less of it (like while I’m working out), it can’t go fast enough.

I love that though. I think it’s glorious that you can have the complete opposite feelings about the same thing. Glorious, and utterly confusing. OH, LIFE…you silly yin of a yang.

Something I know about myself is that I am happier when I am busy. When I’m doing things, going places, making faces. This is when I am happiest. It makes those nights to myself all the more glorious. And too much time by myself (and too much is really like a couple of evenings by myself) makes me start to feel anxious, bored, and then thoughts of “What are you doing with your life!? Why haven’t you done anything GREAT” start to cycle through this thinking-too-much-all-of-the-time brain.

Sometimes though, you have to fill it in. Time. I have chosen to fill in my time (when I’m not doing the other 1,000 things) with ARTS and CRAFTS. I capitalize for emphasis, and craft effect.

So this is my idea. I’m going to start some projects and you can join in on them with me! As I work on them I will post little updates and let you know if they are failing or succeeding. And as always, I want your thoughts! So get your glue gun out, we’re getting crafty.

Project 1) MAKE SOME CURTAINS, make those windows look niiiiiicccccceee

Window of Opportunity

supplies: 25 yards of gauze-like fabric, board from Lowe’s ($1.27), L-brackets and screws ($3)

(*click pictures for bigger-ness.)

Project 2) CREATE THE CREATIVE SPACE, fill it with inspiring things to me

Ideas for development:

  • completing Project 1 will help with the entire creative space
  • make origami cranes and hang them from the ceiling.
  • make copies of artwork and things out of books that really inspire me (see GRAFFITI WOMEN and Frida Kahlo)
  • post projects that I would like to work on
  • pictures of New York
  • of course my list of life goals will be hanging there
  • and in those picture frames I was thinking of doing some needle work or something like this project…which I am in love with, we’ll see if I can pull it off

Do you guys have any blogs you follow that are cool DIY stuff?

I like this one because it’s Manhattan-based and Design Sponge because it’s got lots of different types of DIY stuff.

I’m open to more ideas for my creative space! Thoughts? Warnings? Musings? Bring ’em!

Yours fillingly,



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