A Brush with (Vow) Death

grim reaper

He's come for my VOW!

I had a brush with Vow death the other night.

For those who may be still catching up, basically I’ve taken a vow of no touching, kissing, foundling, sex, and all the above for 6 months. The Vow comes up for review May 20. Today, it’s been two months, 60 days of success…so far.

Lately I have been hanging out with a mutual guy friend for a few months now. Here and there we would hangout as a trio, or sometimes him and I would do something random.

The other day we honored MLK by taking the long way home, and just driving around. It was gorgeous outside (lately it’s been 30 degrees and windy), but this day was warm-sunny-and perfect “outing” weather.

We decided to trek to Route 66, making stops along the way at Thunderbird Lake…flying a kite. Drinking wine. Eating salmon and brie from a picnic basket he acquired from some aunt. It was so…awesome, actually.

Just to be out with a guy. Not in a date way. Just doing our thing and enjoying life. Exploring. Sharing music. “Oh! you will love this song!” and “This is my favorite one!!” pretty much summed up the in-car convos.

We even stopped by his home because he grew up in the country and it was literally on the way. I met his mom and dad, their bagillion German shepherds (they’re breeders) and an awesome 90’s Honda scooter that I totally dominated. And by dominated, I mean I drove around in a circle and didn’t fall off or run over anything, including myself. He even has a camper. Like an old people, travel-the-country-in-this-lil’-mofo, checkered curtains CAMPER. It is possibly the coolest thing I have EVER seen in my life. But I downplayed it, “That’s…cool…” Because acting impressed was the last thing I wanted to do. BUT I WAS.

The traveling day took us up to Arcadia where we indulged in some soda drinking at Pops. I love that place. And then we trekked home for some movie watching and leftovers eating.

I don’t really know how it happened that we ended up with wine glasses and the creepy clown in the attic. But we did.

To clarify, there’s an open door on the second floor of my apartment building and it leads (excitingly) to a semi-empty attic. There are a couple of (nice, actually, by my standards) bikes, a long bench seat, some Christmas decorations and this weird clown doll, or jester as he called it. That really has nothing to do with the “brush” with death, but it’s just so freakin’ strange, how can I leave the clown out? Maybe, if you guys are interested, I’ll take some pictures sometime and post about the JESTER BARN ATTIC, which it has so recently been dubbed by yours truly (with a little bit of help from the wine and said guy).

So we are sitting on the long bench seat. Drinking wine. Chatting about all sorts of stuff. And to defend the upcoming thoughts in my head, just to give you a bit of info on this random “guy”… He is actually really cool. He is genuine, smart, handsome, incredibly giving and to top it off…he has worked for everything he has. He has 5 brothers, and 1 sister. Dang, I know. His father taught him how to build fences growing up so he’s like a Boy Scout on crack. Or some other illegal, performance enhancing drug. **It’s debatable, but I think crack can be performance enhancing given the situation**

So back to the sitting. We are sitting there. Drinking wine (probably the first noted ‘no-no’ in a Vow situation), chatting it up, laughing… And then he says, “Can I admit something? Can I be honest with you.”


“I know you aren’t looking for anything, I kind of talked to (our mutual friend), but I want you to know I’m pissed. I understand what you are doing. And completely respect it. I’ve been there and I’ve done it. But I’m pissed. Because I really want to kiss you right now.”

It was tempting…seriously, it was. I didn’t even entertain the idea when he first said it because since I took The Vow I’ve kind of mentally shut down that part of my body.

And what made it more tempting…he’s leaving in less than a month off to another country. He’s moving to Korea for the next year to learn the language. So while starting something isn’t smart. Enjoying each other, even a simple kiss, would be so nice.

NICE? Nice isn’t a reason to break a vow. Dummy!

It’s not really The Vow itself. It’s the fact that I have committed to something, this 6 months…and I MUST succeed. I failed at my last attempt to not be in a relationship and we all know how that ended. I have to prove it to myself that I can go for 6 months, despite ANY kind of challenge.

Even if the challenge seems worthy, ideal, and is leaving for a year.

Damn it. I think I’m learning lessons.

Vow in Tact, yours strengthfully (which possibly may not be a word because it has red squiggles under it),



4 thoughts on “A Brush with (Vow) Death

  1. Omg! I’m also so oblivious when guys like me! I genuinely think they want to spend a good day with me and BOOM, next thing you know they are trying to kiss you. Way to hold off!! And Korea?! Please! Don’t do that to my vagina for a year.

    • haha ohhhh it’s sometimes easier to play “dumb” and be oblivious…I think I may have been doing that. But alas, he is cool and understood my Vow business. And what’s a goal without challenge? He was the first one who had challenged me and overcoming that was really quite…invigorating.

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