What if it’s my nose that falls in love?


I have a super sensitive sniffer!

Do you smell that? MMmmmmmm. Garlic roasting in butter…. MMMmmmmmm. I am currently making spaghetti and (you guessed it) garlic bread. I have a really sensitive sniffer. And one of my favorite smells in the WORLD, is garlic. And even better, SAUTEED garlic. It’s hard to really describe it, but when I smell this smell it’s…euphoric.

And all of this sniffing (and a dumb movie I will get to in due time) got me thinking about my sniffer.

When people smell good…I kind of want to, well, jump them. Lovingly. And (depending on the smell) lovemakingly. This sniffing story goes all the way back to my elementary-through-high-school crush on a guy who wore (inhale) Adidas cologne. I was sort of semi-obsessed and bought Adidas (men’s) cologne because I was in love with his smell. Like Swim Fan, I was a little creepy. It’s just that when I smelled it I would go back to the bus seat where we use to be young and flirty…Despite both of us smelling good it could never be– I was a nerdy girl and he was a popular boy. Haven’t you seen Pretty in Pink? Welcome to my life. But that smell. I still go to that bus seat when I get a whiff of Adidas. (And I still buy men’s shaving cream, because that’s one of the best smells in the world).

And why wouldn’t I? Creepy or not creepy, scientifically it’s been proven that smell memory is insanely strong. The olfactory bulb, as it is called, is a part of the brain’s limbic system, an area so closely associated with memory and feeling it’s sometimes called the “emotional brain.” Well, I think mine works overtime. I’ve got some serious smell memories happening all of the time.

Someone Like You

Stupid movie, but still enjoyable ('specially for us single folk)

There’s a dumb movie out there called Someone Like You with Ashley Judd, Hugh Jackman and a few other well-known actors. It’s about being single and being heartbroken, and finding true love in an hour and a half (of course, it’s Hollywood). I watched it the other day during the recent Okie Snow Break.

There’s a part where Ashley Judd daydreams after her breakup about going to her doctor and asking to have her olfactory senses removed. It’s actually a really funny scene so you can instant Netflix it for kicks. But anyways, her monologue is something from inside of my brain.

So watching this movie (and my garlic sautee-ing activities) made me wonder if my nose falls in love before I do.

I mean what if some sauteed garlic smelling dude walked into my life right now? Would I cave? I may not full out break my Vow over a good sniff. I would like to think I am not as fickle as my nose, but for me a guy’s attractiveness is rated heavily on scent. If he loses that, well…back to the drawing board (or the cologne store, or the kitchen, depending on).

I have certain conditioned responses to smell good things. And with people, I think my 2nd grade self conditioned that response to be…fall in-love.

Opps, maybe that’s what happened with MF. He did smell really nice. Like Irish Spring, laundry, and man. I’m sorry I wasn’t in love with you, you just smelled nice. That would explain a lot…

Being all nosey,



3 thoughts on “What if it’s my nose that falls in love?

  1. You know, I almost didn’t start dating my last boyfriend because there were a couple days when we were first hanging out that he just smelled… I don’t know how to put it… nerdy and unshowered? Funky, but not like sweaty B.O. Should have listened to my nose, yes? 🙂

    Hahahahaha you were Swim Fan! Amazing!

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