Why am I turned on by a 16-year-old who looks like a 12-year-old?

Justin Beiber Rolling Stone cover

He's hotter when he's singing to me.

OK I’m really out of touch with the Tween World. For obvious reasons, I’m 25…and younger dudes (especially when illegal) are not my cup of tea.

But there’s this guy (ahem, boy) you may have heard of. His name is Justin Bieber. He was all over GLEE this past week.

Bieber is so sprite and he has a big head. I think I am in love. Shhhh don’t speak (he’s anti-abortion), just sing and dance Bieber boy.

“Is she out there?” Bieber asks. Yes, I’m right here, when you turn 18. That feels kind of creepy, but I’m committing to it.

Watch this video. Sorry for the stupid ad at the beginning. It is so worth it though, and USHER? Well let’s just say he does dancing magic at 1:07.


6 thoughts on “Why am I turned on by a 16-year-old who looks like a 12-year-old?

  1. Video = Amazing. I think we’re underestimating the power of the Biebs. GLEE LOVE! Usher, be still my heart.

    But maybe Justin Bieber could wear less lipgloss sometimes. Just a thought… 😛

  2. haha! you crack me up! if you’re out of touch with the tween world at 25, then i’m out of space at 32. this is reminiscent of when i discovered how HOT Justin Timberlake was in his first single, Like I Love You. mmmmm, yummy! little did i know i was honing my cougar like abilities.*

    hone those cougar like abilities 25swf! there have been bigger age gaps then the 9 years that separate you from your new big-headed, sprite-y love 😀

    1foot – the first time i heard one of the Beeb’s** songs on the radio, i thought it was a girl singing. so, yeah maybe he should wear less lipgloss sometimes. ..

    * i recently learned that i am only a couple of years older than JT. so much for honing…

    **that’s 32 year-old hip speak right there

    For Old time Sakes – Like I Love You Video

    • Ash, I need to look up that performance! Siobhan, Oh, I know… 😉 Whipperwill, I love everything that JT does…mmmm AND I must make a correction- Bieber is 17 now, he had a birthday this month. That’s not AS pedophilia-ish. Right?

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