Off the beaten track…

OH man! Skates, pushing, pulling, falling, musack, knee pads, garb (mostly crazy, sexy, cool), and a bad ass name.

It’s Roller Derby time!

Blood is the new pink.

I went to a bout for the first time ever this weekend with a group of about 20 lady friends! A friend of mine organized the outing and we just kept inviting more awesome chicks. Before we knew it, we had our own roller girl team happening!

My favorite part about this whole world of women on wheels…the names.

Some of the OKC Lightening Broads and Tornado Alley Roller Girls names were Taryn Bonesapart, Mary Jane Mayhem, and (my favorite) Tori Slaymost.

About a year ago I did some research on this rollergirl sport (despite my lack of in-person viewing). I looked up the national database where you register your name (yup, there’s one!), and I’ve already got this all figured out.

My friends and I started coming up with names like Slice-her Dice-her, Sum of all Fears, LaFEARia, and Sara Teara Yo Weave Out. I was so impressed with our creativity — this is why I surround myself with these beauties.

Roller Derby has always intrigued me. It’s so freakin’ cool and I admire those women out there rolling around rolling ass.

But I’m kind of a (big) baby. I hate pain. Elbowing, pushing and pulling, isn’t really my thing. I have to admit though…it sounds kind of fun to have permission (legally) to let out some RAR!

I can at least blogdream.

::::::Cue waviness…music…blogdream commences::::::

And when I put on my sexy skates, and even sexier garb, I would no longer be me.

I would be kick-ass roller derby chick—and I would kick ass.

In these…

My wheels.

And don’t forget the red lipstick…

The MOST important part.

My next step? Learning to skate backwards, while rolling ass…

OH, and coming up with a rolling derby dance routine to whip out when I lap a few chicas!

Rolling with my homies,



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