rock out or get out

I’m in-love with some songs. So, come listen with me…

This first one is Soko. She’s French, fyi. I ❤ the French. French toast, French fries, French dip, French New Wave (most of which in this list they had nothing to do with, but I like it).

Now Clicky, Click. (but make sure to come back afterwards!)

Next you need to know about Fever Ray. My awesome cousin asked me, “Do you know The Knife?” And I was like, “um YES.” I know this sexy Swedish band. I know about that whole countries list of bands. I ❤ the Swedishes (I have one reading this now). And then she said, "Well, my dear cousin, the singer of The Knife started this other band called Fever Ray." How did I not know this? I peed my pants a little bit with excitement (I think it was the excitement, or at least I hope it was…I don't want to have to take a pee pill, or whatever).

Enjoy Fever Ray=

Her voice is so dark and innocent and something I imagine hearing from a fairytale. I find myself falling into every word and getting lost in the strange Swedish underwater rhythm of it all.

Music is really important to me. I wake up to it, work to it, run to it, drive to it, cook to it. Each playlist I make is a soundtrack to different nooks of my personality. But it can also be really painful.

My relationship with MF was heavily based on music. We went to a ton of concerts together. He actually made music (and performed a couple of times when we were together). You may remember the playlists I told you he made for me at the beginning of our relationship? And the songs he told me not to listen to because they were his ex’s favorite? That music still hurts to listen to. I want to take my music back.

It’s about time I bounce to a new beat. And I would describe it as dreamy soul with fire flare beats, Fitz and the Tantrums

And if you’re really disappointed with my above selections, fret no more. Here is some shiat everyone can mos definitely tap their foot to 😉

Yours chair dancing (no, seriously I am),



3 thoughts on “rock out or get out

  1. i LOVE the french too!! as may be apparent by some of my post. hope to someday travel there and hope to be able to listen to the tunes you posted soon 🙂 thanks for sharing!!!

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