Filled in (a little bit more)

About three months ago I told you I was going to do some crafty projects, in an effort to fill in the time. And I wanted to take you along for the ride, updating you about my progress. Well, let’s just say my progress was made in one fail swoop. I hadn’t touched the stuff for 3 months until a couple of weekends ago.

I did it all in one evening. So, there really was no progress to be updating you with. Lame, I know.

I find that most things on our to-do lists can be done in one fail swoop. We just have to get to it.

So here are the results! I did a couple more windows than I mentioned, bought a couple of decorations, but my board of inspiration is still pretty empty (I’m working on that next!). I’m using my 2001 camera here so excuse the crappy photos. I tried to make them fun using (which is my favorite).

The improvements:

Window treatments – 25 yards of Hancock fabric on-sale $65, curtain rod from Lowe’s $12

window treatments before


window treatments


bathroom curtains

Because your bathroom deserves some love too.

Creative Space – Library catalog ($25 at antique store in Texas)



creative space


Picture perfect – Frames Pottery Barn- birfday present, pictures Walgreens $7.97



Pottery Barn Frames


Happy owls – $1 from Texas junk store


HAPPY OWLS! for my creative space.

Next on the Fill it In list are:

-Bedroom window treatments (and I still have enough fabric leftover!)

-Finishing up my creative space with inspiration and origami birds

-Making floor pillows


floor pillows

Because my butt starts hurting after a while!

-Buying a floor bed from IKEA


Ikea Bed

Looks how handy this thing is! I love handy.

Yours filling it in,



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