Guest Blogger – Whipperwill: Officially off the market… NOT!!!

(This post is part of an awesome series of awesome 25swf guest bloggers- read about them here!)

“Relationships are strange and I am strange in them.”  That is a quote made famous by yours truly.  However, recent events have led me to believe that I don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship in order to behave strangely.  What the hell am I talking about?!?!

Okay, so… recently, I’ve been kind of, well… I have blatantly informed potential talent that I… wait for it…  have a BOYFRIEND. Gasp!  Sacre Bleu!!  I know, right?!?!  What the ass?  It started while I was away on “assignment”.  There was this basketball conference in town and all the players were staying in the hotel where I was working.  I remember enjoying the view as all these TALL, “dranks of wah-tah” from all over, stepped off their bus and into the hotel.  It was a mighty fine view and I was excited. Really excited!

Finally, after a couple of days I shared an elevator with “Player”.  We talked, we walked, we sat down at the bar of the hotel, and talked some more.   He orders a drink.  I order a water.  I wasn’t officially off the clock.  So, we sip, talk, and agree to meet up again the next night.  Same place.  Same time.  YES!  Off to a decent start.  He seems genuinely nice.  Actually, he had held the door open for me several times throughout the course of my work day.  That’s nice, right?  Anyway, we meet up the next day.  The conversation’s flowing.  I’m off the clock.  Hallelujah!  Player is cute, sweet, and seems real stand up.  So, why oh why, did the affirmative word yes, fall from my lips when he asked if I had a boyfriend?  Actually, I didn’t realize what I’d said until I heard him say, “lucky for him, not so lucky for me.”  What?  Oh no!  And like in the movies, Player throws a few bills down on the bar and cooly says, “it’s been real.”  I wanted to take it back!  Alas, it was too late.  What just happened?  It would happen two more times after that.  What am I?  Stuck on stupid?!?  I’m cock blocking myself.*  And really, the “I have a boyfriend” line!?!  I haven’t used that in years.  The adult me is usually more straightforward.  I stopped using that line and giving out fake numbers before I’d left college for the first time.  What’s up with that?  Am I trying to relive the “glory” days?  Am I going through an “almost” to midlife crisis?

For the record:  I do NOT have a boyfriend.  Love is still a desert.  Apparently, I’m supporting the drought.

Thirsty and Barren,


*I don’t really ever use that phrase, but it seemed like the appropriate phrase to use.  Cheers 😉


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