Here it comes!

OKC Memorial 26.2 miles.

Oh fuck.

This Sunday, May 1.

Here we go.

Mr. M and my lady love friend 1foot will be cheering my jiggle ass all the way home.

And I will definitely need the morale support! Reason 1: I’m getting sick. I know wtf…like cough, feel gross, head clogged sick. My throat is killing me and the number of cough drops I have consumed is giving me acid reflux (which I just figured out that there was a name for it when I throw up in my mouth…delicious). Reason 2: The weather is supposed to suck balls. High of 54, and a 40% chance of rain. Maybe it will just keep the sun off my porcelain white burn-like-a-lobster skin and provide a soft mist to cool me down. SO not likely, at all.

But that’s OK-José because the reason we run is to remember. And there’s nothing better than that. I’m also going to enjoy dropping 11 pounds over night after this mofo is over. That’s something they forget to tell you…you know all the running you are doing? Well, prepare to gain at least 10 pounds! YAY!

And most of all, after the 26.2 miles has beaten me up…I’m going to enjoy my beer battered fries from McNellies, double feature bad movie viewing (Fast Five and Skyline) with Mr. M, and a nap…that lasts forever.

Yours running to remember and also running for those beer battered fries,



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