Guest Blogger – 50ftManEatingWoman: The “L” Word

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There seems to be a very fine- perhaps even dotted- line between love and loneliness. A line so faint that it is nearly impossible to tell whether my feelings for another are of a genuine interest or a longing for human connection of a physical and emotional level that cannot be met solely by friends and family.

I don’t think that anyone necessarily wants to be alone, even if there is no desire for a serious relationship or otherwise. There is still a basic human need for touch, an embrace. A need to be cared for, a need to be needed; wanted. A need for compassion and understanding on some deep personal level (see: feral children).

So then, if it is crucial to life, to social structure of the human psyche, to have a connection to other people… there must be some level of need for “relationships.” I put this in quotes because I am not entirely sure what that means- to me or anyone else.

Yes, we are animals, and there is a certain amount of raw behaviors associated with that. Mating rituals and all. If you have ever been to the dance club at last call on a Saturday you have seen the wild in their natural habitat. But these things do not always apply to all. Pigs can get a sunburn, dolphins can have orgasms (and are terrible sluts btw), and elephants mate for life.

Elephants. Dolphins. Where do we lie as animals? Somewhere in the middle. Somewhere between the bump and grind and a lazy Sunday afternoon.

(cue: text message)

Hungry in the Big City,



One thought on “Guest Blogger – 50ftManEatingWoman: The “L” Word

  1. I needed this post today! I think sometimes you get to thinking about calling that “person” you shouldn’t just bc the companionship was nice. After being in a relationship its hard to come back to that place that being alone is ok. I’m almost there….

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