Do something impossible

It’s really important to me to challenge myself.

Think of something you feel would be impossible for you to do. I’m not talking the kind of impossible that requires astrophysics or bringing back the dead all Necromacer style…but just something that you never in a million years think that you could do.

For me, that was running a marathon.

I truly believed I never could do it. Even during training, I was mindlessly running towards a big question mark. I was afraid I would fail, but I said…oh hey, what the heck, all my best stories come from failure anyways, so let’s do this. And I did it. And it hurt. And it was hilarious.

It rained from the beginning…the race start time was pushed back 30 minutes to 7:00am. But it didn’t matter, it was still raining. The rain went away for all of 10 minutes around mile 17, and then it came back with 40 degree winds and hail. Point being, it sucked. But I had Wolf Shorty there by my side to feel the pain and laugh with with me when pellets of ice came shooting from the sky. Between her hobbling hip and my cough & cold, we were already falling apart. And the rain, hail, 40 degrees was just a really good joke at a certain point.

I do have to say that it super helped to have Mr. M and 1foot weathering the weather, and holding up their hand-made signs that said, “You run good!” to move my ass along. But when I got back and peeled off my clothes with numb fingers I noticed something weird…my feet were blue. Blue. Not bluish…BLUE. Hypothermia was probably in my near future.

But my point is really that we should all do more things we find impossible. I think I’m going to make a list. Fuck bucket lists. That just sounds stupid, I’m sorry. I’m talking about a Master of Impossibilities List. It’s just a dramatic way of saying “crazy ass goals,” s’all really.

Now what should I put on my fancy sounding list…I’m thinking something like…

-Move to New York in Fall 2012 and Rock It. Be super successful (by my terms) in 2 years! So by the time I’m 29 I should be super duper proud of myself!

-Get a job at Kickstarter and rock it!

-Produce a movie that premieres at Sundance Film Festival and gets picked up by Focus Features. Yay! And then rock it.

-Go to Cannes Film Festival in 2012 as an American Pavilion mentor with my two lady friends, and (of course) rock it.

Yours always adding to the list and attempting to rock it,



5 thoughts on “Do something impossible

  1. Wow! One of my own “impossible” goals is to produce a movie that premieres at Sundance Film Festival and gets picked up by Focus Features! Perhaps some impossible planning should start between the two of us ๐Ÿ™‚

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