I’ve been thinking of babies more than I probably should be lately.

It’s not really like I want one now. I just want one (or 4) eventually and I guess my ovaries are feeling impatient, because dang they all look so cute.

And I think they know, because lately when I go out I see their little baby eyes staring at me.

Why are they looking at me like they want me to hold them? And play with them. And read them bedtime stories after we make chocolate milk. Because I would! THEY KNOW!

What is with me and this baby craziness? Mr. M has dubbed it bay-cray, for short. I can feel it starting to wear off and then Wolf Shorty posts something that mentions her girls. These are the kind of kids you would dream of having. And then the feeling comes back. And I start imagining myself as a mother and then I lose it.

I can’t wait to be in the place in my life where I can make a baby with someone I love. I’m going to enjoy every moment. Until they scream at me and tell me they hate me 😉 There’s no rush, I’ve got at least 7 more years sans-tiny feet. But man, am I the only person suffering from this Bay-Cray syndrome?

Yours loving all this baby talk,



2 thoughts on “Bay-Cray

  1. Oh, girl, welcome to my LIFE! Luckily I have the best little niece I can hang out with, and get some of the bay-cray out on her 🙂

    Personally, I’m excited to show a little person how to do shit, like bake a cake, or paint a picture, or write a poem, or kick a soccer ball, or speak another language.

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