Mother May I?

Manners are super importante.

When I dated Parker, something that I  will always remember is how he opened the car door for me. Every time. It was so thoughtful and I sometimes returned the favor, but I really enjoyed it when he did it. This car door opening activity is quite rare, apparently.

Never underestimate the power of good manners.

Dating Mr. M I have been thinking about this a lot lately. He is the epitome of manners. When we walk into Subway or checkout at Wal-Mart he looks the person behind the counter straight in the eyes and asks them how they are doing. He smiles from ear to ear and they usually smile back, and something lights up inside of them. This was probably the first time that day someone looked them in the eyes. No one takes the time to care about cashiers. But he does. It’s the most special thing to watch. He always has conversations with people, it never fails.

He inspires me to look up. I’m not sure when I stopped. At what point I felt too busy, too stressed. Too something. To look up. If someone makes an impression on me, I looked up, but I don’t really look up otherwise. Which is a shame. Shame on me for not looking up. I do know, however, that in the past when I “looked up” and was friendly to passerby-ers, I’ve received “Oh, you wanna DO me?” looks that make me feel like I need a bath after the interaction. So, maybe that’s where some of my avoidance comes from. But you know what, I will (try to) not let the dirty creepers dictate my demeanor towards the rest.

At what point did the general public forget about manners. Sometimes I think we need a 1st grade refresher every once n’awhile. Just because your big now and have a leather wallet doesn’t mean you can treat people like shit on a shoe. Mrs. Clark’s (my 1st grade teacher) RULES still apply, sirs and ladies.

1st Grade Redux, enrolling now.

And when it comes to everything else, Mr. M is Mr. Manners. If he has more than a few words to say, he calls me. He makes sure that my feelings aren’t hurt when he doesn’t feel like going to the movies. In the morning he thanks me for kissing him on the forehead. He appreciates me. I forgot what this felt like. It’s worth more to me than any lofty apartment or fancy vacation. I don’t want to lose it.

Everyone deserves to be appreciated and treated like this. I am beginning to understand how marriages can last a lifetime; I think appreciation is probably at the tippy top.

Yours getting back in touch with 1st grade lessons and looking up more,



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