Guest Blogger – Whipperwill: The Power of Touch!

(This post is part of an awesome series of awesome 25swf guest bloggers- read about them here!)

I am so far removed from relationships right now, that it’s not even funny, it’s hilarious.  Everything in my life right now is one big-ass question mark.  I have like, zero time to dwell on the fact that I am single, and I’m okay with that.  Things have been rather stressful.  Some of it is good, healthy stress.  The other half, is kind of not as good and healthy.  I was and have been feeling very tense.  So, when I came across a groupon deal to get an hour massage for $30 bucks, I jumped on it!

It has been two years since my last massage.  It has been… hmm… man, how long has it been?!?!  Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had some good old fashion, hot-n-heavy action going on as well.  So, it’s no wonder why the massage I got last Friday rocked my world.  It was the best massage EVER!!!  I mean really, it was!  I’ve had my fair share of massages and well, let’s just say that this massage chick worked my muscles like no other massage chick or dude has ever worked my muscles before.  As I lay on that table, screaming and moaning in my head, I wondered if this massage felt so damn good because it has just been too damn long!  That may be the case.  Talking to a friend of mine who had recently gotten a massage, I asked her if there was a such thing as a bad massage.  She said something rather interesting, “it can’t be too bad when you have someone rubbing on ya!”  So, yeah, I’m feigning for another massage, which I just may indulge myself next month, and get another.  I don’t care if I can’t really afford it!  Or maybe, I should just put myself back in the game and bask in the power of touch…

Right now, they both sound good to me.  Okay, time to get back to work!




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