Guest Blogger – 50ftManEatingWoman: Cheers!

(This post is part of an awesome series of awesome 25swf guest bloggers- read about them here!)

Despite any current circumstances, any potential issues, any life-changing events, or anything ever at all ever going on ever ever, one thing is consistently true- it’s good to have a little help from your friends.

Over fourth of July weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to get away for a couple days and visit with some dear friends down the road a ways. Seeing these lovely ladies and catching up is always great. They are the type of girlfriends you can talk about anything with, who are always able to pick up right where you left off, whether it be hours, days, or months apart.

We talked over dinner, drinks, lunch, and cats about everything from politics to parties, work and SEX. And all of a sudden, mid-conversation on my second day out, I had an epiphany. No matter what the subject was, no matter if it was from my mouth or hers, the outcome was always the same. We related and agreed on EVERYTHING.

Not once did I ever feel misunderstood; never did I have to explain myself; in no way did I ever question her words. Even more amazing than all that, was the fact that I had this experience with more than one person! In the same weekend! (!!!!!!)

This special connection brought a lot to my attention. While I learned more and more about their lives and shared in good news and bad news alike, I learned an incredible amount about my own life. I shared the same stories, same concerns, and same feelings with each and was given the same connection and emotion in return. Though different words were said and different experiences shared, the sentiment was the still same.

They were there. We have all been there.

I imagine the number of times I thought “I know!” and “Me too!” was completely off the charts. Hearing the ways in which they were able to relate to my experiences and finding myself able to relate completely to those shared with me brought a lot of AHA! moments to light within my own self; understanding situations, reigning in emotions, and bringing the pieces of the puzzle closer together.

All of the answers to life’s problems are right there waiting to be found, but somehow they are so much harder to see until someone shows them to you. All of life’s answers lie within each other’s hearts… and what a swell place that is to keep them.

Confused? Need help? Trouble sorting things out? Looking for a second opinion? Longing to be told you’re not actually insane?

Piece of cake- just go where everybody knows your name.

On the highway to enlightenment,



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