Where did my brains done go?

zombie-brainsIs it just me or does it feel like I’ve slowly (but surely) been losing my brain power since I graduated college (3 years ago this December). I feel less…something. I can’t put my finger on it. Possibly because I don’t have the on-hand vocabulary that I once did. I’ve done gone lost my smarts!

You don’t see me write these posts. Sometimes I sit here for 10 minutes to think of a word. I suppose that’s normal when you write something that is meaningful to you. Most of the time writing comes pretty naturally. Corny quips ALWAYS come straight from the heart.

But I’m talking about being a wordsmith. I felt like one once. All of the academic papers I was churning out over four years made me feel smart. I want that feeling back. Maybe I should take a class? Maybe I should go to grad school? I just don’t know what to do about this ‘stupid’ feeling. Where did my brains done go?

I want to be able to spout things off Ally McBeal style. Fast, quick, disarming. I want to channel my inner McBeal and spar with some words (clink, clink!) Those are the words sparing…

“Ally McBeal??” I can hear you questioning. Yes, that what-I-once-thought-was-dumb-late 90s-tv-show, Ally McBeal. It’s my new favorite. It’s weird (really weird), and corky (you really have no idea), and fills my void where Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, Angel, and Battlestar Gallactica once lived. It’s not as amazing as any of the previously mentioned, but it gets me by. I HIGHLY recommend it for any single folk out there. Or just in general, people who like shows about relationships. It’s chocked full of ewy-gooey love bull shit. (Which I secretly, not so secretly, love).

I guess what I’m questioning is this lasting power of brain power. Did I already hit my peak? Is it a slow, down hill trip from here out. Or did I just not get enough sleep last night and am blowing this thing way out of proportion?

I guess it’s possible. Probable. Or even, quite likely, that sleep is the culprit. It makes me feel better to think that it is.

Am I the only one feeling a bit on the slower side of life?

Yours looking at you to make herself feel better,



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