Just call me Grandma

Today was unlike every Sunday before it. I woke up at about 7:30am and rolled over to Mr. M fast asleep. I didn’t let him stay that way for long. Half asleep love-making is kind of my favorite. Drowsy, half-awake, naked bodies are always sexier, smoother, and surprisingly flexible.

After our A.M. Delight, we decided to go get some Classen Grill breakfast. Check it out for some of the best orange juice in all the land.

And after the eggs, hashbrowns, and biscuits and gravy all settled we made our way to the local grocer (not really, it was Wal-Mart, but old people use the word grocer). It was not even 10am when we came back to my place with our weeks supply of goodies. I started intensely cleaning (something that desperately needed to be done), while he worked on some art show poster. A few hours later, I was all tuckered out after my cleaning excursion and fell asleep next to him. By 3pm I had done all of my laundry, cleaned, and taken a nap.

cute old couple

Yes, I Googled "cute old couple." Talk about the sweetest pictures ever!

Just a minute ago we started laughing about our morning together. Joking about being an old married couple. Gawlee gee-wiz, I hope this is how it is. Morning love making. Breakfast delights before 9am. Sundays full of aisle shopping and cart cuddling. I could get use to being an old lady at 25. I’m already rocking the gray hairs to compliment the lifestyle. And I already LOVE the taste of chocolate Ensure. It will probably be an easier transition for me than for most.

Yours with an old (happy) soul,



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