I don’t understand

Imagine how you get ready everyday. Most of us probably wash our faces, do our hair (in varying degrees of the word “do”) and put on some make-up. You go into work and the first thing your 65-year old boss says to you is, “You should wear your hair down more often. You look great.” After lunch he comments at you, “High heels can’t be comfortable, but damn they make women’s legs look good.” It’s not over…in the car on the way to a meeting he puts his hand on your knee.

That’s the point where you draw the line, right?

My stomach was turning this evening as a fellow co-worker told me this very story about her second job working for a law firm. Ugh. My first question/statement, “QUIT!?” It’s not an option for her right now. She’s looking to move to D.C. soon and doesn’t want to seem like a floozy if she has another job for barely a year. So she’s sticking it out.

And she’s miserable. She barely gets paid enough, and works at the Y to help out. She teaches more workout classes than I can count and she said it herself…she’s depressed.

She’s a law school graduate and knows how the law works. She said if she reported him no other firm would go near her. She said it follows you where ever you go.

Blacklisting a woman because she’s been sexually harassed is the most unsettling thing I’ve ever heard.

But it’s not the first time I heard this. About a month ago I heard the same story from a girl waitressing at a upscale local restaurant. She quit and filed a complaint and she couldn’t find another job in the area. People told her that was the reason. Now she has to drive about 30 miles to another gig. Sickening.


Mary wouldn't be proud :/

So what is this about? I’m so confused. I really can’t wrap my head around it. Help me understand how it is 2011 and we are still fighting the same fight, Mary Tyler Moore style.

Yours who just can’t believe it,



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