I’m tired of talking

Do you ever just have those days. The ones where you have just been blabbering so much and you don’t even want to open your mouth anymore? Here is to one of those days.

I recently stepped down from a leadership position of a group I helped start. It was bitter-sweet, but mostly sweet. I’m so happy to see where it goes from here. And I’m happy to think about how I’m getting part of my life back. It’s been a great ride, but I was ready to stop talking. As the leader of a group, you talk a lot. Maybe I just talk a lot. Let’s be real…we know I talk a lot. But it is something you have to do.

Sometimes while I’m talking I hang outside myself and I’m just saying to myself, “Blah, blah girl. Get on with it.” It’s sad when you are telling yourself to get to the point. My new goal is to get to the point.

So that’s my point here (did you notice this is a super short post?)…I’m tired of talking. I need a break from all the talking. And I just got it (I’ve been sick all day). But then again here I am. That didn’t last long.

Yours trying to shut up and listen (It’s not working),



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