Clean sheets and shaved legs

Is there anything truly greater than clean sheets and shaved legs? By themselves they are equally awesome, but the combo…wowzer.

I wash my sheets once a week because I live for this feeling. I also get grossed out thinking about what’s growing in the foot of my bed. I’ve seen shows about those critters, and ew. Especially if you are doing it in your bed and not washing your sheets regularly, double ew. Maybe I’m neurotic but I think about this if I’m getting my sexy time on…the thought squeezes itself in there, “Are my sheets clean-ish?” Can we say mood killer?

This weekend I washed my sheets AND shaved my legs. I crawled into bed after a long weekend and it was like peacefulness washed over me as I took a big whiff of the soapy leftover smell of crispy cleanliness–all was right in the world (if only between my sheets). It was so overwhelmingly wonderful I started to think about all the small things we take for granted. It’s a popular (ahem, cliche) topic, I know…but I want to start calling those things out and saying, “HEY! You! Thing I take for granted…I love you…”

Let’s all vow to be grateful more often.

Tell me! What are your clean sheets and shaved legs equivalents?


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