Happy Spot #4: and then there was this guy

The sickness has been going around. It leaves no stone unturned, no head unclogged. It’s a real doozy and for some reason I’m still not over it, but almost there. In the throws of awfulness I left work early last week and came home to a made bed (my ultimate favorite) and this…

sweet photo

a pillow note from Mr. M.

I’m tellin’ ya…ladies love notes! Random notes of affection and appreciation go further than you would think.

It wasn’t all pillow talk during my week of a compromised immune system. Mr. M and I had to have a real heart to heart about how I need someone to take care of me when I’m sick. Normally I’m all I-am-woman-hear-me-roar, but when I’m sick–all caution is thrown to the wind and I become a big baby. Just scoop me up because I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. It was a good opportunity for him to learn something about me. He felt bad after not living up to my previously un-relayed expectations and came home the other day and said he had been thinking. He decided that writing a manifesto to protest his desire and commitment to taking care of me was in order.

The L-word crept into my mind as he mentioned the manifesto. Who are you? Why do I get to keep you? After 2010, the year of heartache and angst, it’s really unbelievable that I made it out alive and then there was this guy.

Mr. M. Nobody is perfect. But I wasn’t looking for perfect anyways. I was looking for this guy.

Thanks Universe,


Happy Spot #3: Cuddle Fuddle

I think the best part about being in a relationship is when it starts getting cold outside you can conserve your energy bill by cuddling with the warm body next to you.

The other day Mr. M and I cuddled up and the next minute we were waking up. I don’t even remember feeling sleeping. We just fit perfectly. It was perfectly warm. Perfectly spaced. And we both fell asleep without even realizing it. That’s when I knew… we were (officially) a fit for serious cuddling. Phewww…that’s a relief.

Yours all cuddled up,


Happy Spot #2: post-its of Love

When you come home the last thing you are thinking is that your significant other has surprised you with sweet notes around the house. But secretly you hope they did…all women do. (I’m serious…are you taking notes? The post-it kind) With Mr. M I never even dropped a hint that this would make a happy. That’s why he’s the best boyfriend ever. He thinks about me.

Yours all happy,


Happy Spot #1: a soft spot

Contemplating my statement from a recent post, that I’m not inspired to write unless stuff is going wrong or I’m sad, made me come up with a new idea.

I’m going to start posting the things that make me the happiest as they come up in my relationship with Mr. M. You may agree, disagree, find them petty, find them boring, find them sappy…who the hell knows, you may even get an idea of how to show your loved one some affection. But this is my effort to start recognizing the beauty in relationshiping and finding out what truly makes the other person happy. I will call this series of posts “Happy Spots.” It’s a spot, a moment, an action that comes in and hopefully outweighs any of the stains (or bad schtuff) that may occur. Because, let’s be honest, relationships need constant love and attention. It’s the small stuff that can really keep things beautiful. Never forget the small stuff.

My first happy moment is a bit silly. Yet, that doesn’t mean it is any less of happy spot for me.


This is not my bed, but omg if it was...this is going on my list. You know, the list where you put the things you dream of having. Yup, it's on there.

Happy Spot #1 is when Mr. M makes my bed. He knew from the beginning that a made bed makes me super happy. He always does it. Without me asking, without me thinking about it, he’s already got it. A made bed makes me smile, it makes me start off my day right. It is waiting for me to come home and fall into. It is physical happy spot in my life… I’m really not that complicated, as you will see. Making me happy usually involves food, making out (and other unmentionables*), and cleanliness.

*obviously I mention all sorts of stuff on here, but saying unmentionables is way too fun. Unmentionables.

Yours having too much fun thinking of happy spots,