Here it comes!

OKC Memorial 26.2 miles.

Oh fuck.

This Sunday, May 1.

Here we go.

Mr. M and my lady love friend 1foot will be cheering my jiggle ass all the way home.

And I will definitely need the morale support! Reason 1: I’m getting sick. I know wtf…like cough, feel gross, head clogged sick. My throat is killing me and the number of cough drops I have consumed is giving me acid reflux (which I just figured out that there was a name for it when I throw up in my mouth…delicious). Reason 2: The weather is supposed to suck balls. High of 54, and a 40% chance of rain. Maybe it will just keep the sun off my porcelain white burn-like-a-lobster skin and provide a soft mist to cool me down. SO not likely, at all.

But that’s OK-José because the reason we run is to remember. And there’s nothing better than that. I’m also going to enjoy dropping 11 pounds over night after this mofo is over. That’s something they forget to tell you…you know all the running you are doing? Well, prepare to gain at least 10 pounds! YAY!

And most of all, after the 26.2 miles has beaten me up…I’m going to enjoy my beer battered fries from McNellies, double feature bad movie viewing (Fast Five and Skyline) with Mr. M, and a nap…that lasts forever.

Yours running to remember and also running for those beer battered fries,



My confession

Soooooo, I have something to confess.

Ya know how my name is 25 single white female?

Well…When I started this blog I was NOT 25. I was actually 23, about to turn 24.

And the confession, welp, I turn 25 this week. So what am I going to do after next year? Welp, be 26 single white female, silly!

cat birthday cake

Don't judge...who doesn't like cat birthday cake pictures? Exactly.

Turning 25 is really, stupidly exciting to me. I know it’s not supposed to be a big birthday, but to me it’s the ultimate 20-year-old birthday. Better than 21. At 21 you are still really dumb. In terms of most things in your life, you are still immature and now you can drink, woopidy doo-da. I’m not an alcoholic, so I didn’t really care. It’s just more convenient to be over 21.

But 25. Oh, twenty-five. You glorious beautifully solid, odd number you. 25 is graceful.

25 is experienced. 25 is experiencing. 25 is wiser. 25 is mid-twenties. 25 is confident. And my favorite part about 25…

25 is brain solidfying.

What do I mean by that, you ask? Intriguing, I know!

It’s science! The frontal lobe is the last part of the brain to fully develop around age 25 and has the highest plasticity throughout life, meaning that it can easily change connection and make new ones. And why do we care about the frontal lobe? Well! **Bill Nye the Science Guy enters from stage left** Frontal cortex is said to process reasoning and decision making. hmmmm…

So here are my Top 25 things that I’m excited about being 25 for!

25 Reasons Why the Age 25 is the Shiat.

25- Once you turn 25, car insurance companies can lower your rates, because statistically car accidents go down. Plus they like the sciencey part of your brain being fully developed (and Bill Nye).

24- After the age of 25 you start to slowly lose your memory. Some would say this is a negative. I don’t know about you, but I’m just going to use that as an excuse in sticky situations. OH, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pay that bill late…I’m 25, losing my memory. SEEeee.

23- My chance of getting a divorce goes down by almost half! DANNNNNGGGGG. I don’t want to get divorced, so I’ll take it. So far, so good.

22- 25 is hot. Period.

21- I’m not in school and have been working out in the real world for a couple of years. I’m getting a hold on this strange thing called life.

20- It’s time to start doing the shit I’ve always said I’ve wanted to do. I’m kind of already doing it.

19- I can rent a car without crap going down like extra deposits or whatever they drum up.

18- 25 years of experience under your belt of a lot of things. You could be considered the master of some things. The Master of Walking. The Master of Breathing. The Master of…Sleeping. It’s really up to what you are feeling like claiming. And proud of. I’m proud of my capability to fall asleep instantly-I’ve had a lot of practice.

17- For ladies, you are half way there to becoming a part of the Red Hat Society. I already have my application filled out.

16- I’m almost home free of mental illness! 1 in 5 US adults have mental illness. BUT in a study the 18-25 age group was reported as having the most mental illness, and more women than men were afflicted. 25 is one year close to being home-free!

15- It just sounds cool. Say 23 outloud. DUMB. Twenty-four. Um, who cares? 25. Wow.

14- 25 is half way to 50. I better make these next 25 count.

13- According to Wikipedia, twenty-five is is the natural number following 24 and preceding 26.

12- The Atomic Number 25 is Maganese, a hard brittle grey polyvalent metallic element that resembles iron but is not magnetic; used in making steel; occurs in many minerals. And that’s just bad ass.

11- 25 is a square number. 5² = 5 × 5

10- 25 is also the day that Christmas is on, and even if you’re not religious (like me) it still has a special feeling associated with it. Happiness.

9- The Sun rotates once in 25 days near the poles and about 30 days near its equator.

8- $0.25 is the best coin. I feel rich when I find a quarter.

7- I could be in the United States House of Representatives- 25 is the minimum age! Watch out Washington!

6- When Orson Welles was 25 years old he directed directed and starred in Citizen Kane.

5- After May 1 I will have said I ran a full marathon at the age of 25. Definitely never thought that would happen.

4- 25 is a great age to be single. Why? Because you have that awesome brain all developed and you can make super smart decisions about YOUR future!

3- Like Daft Punk says, you are harder better, faster, stronger.

2- I think I’ll reiterate the fact that is sounds cool. Tweeeeennnnntttttyyyyyyy-fiveeee. Yup, it still does even all slowed down.

1- And the #1 reason turning 25 is the shiat! Because YOU MAKE IT BE THE SHIAT!

Yours celebrating all of these reasons,


Twenty-six point two… who knew?!

bad ass shoes


I just bought me some fancy new runnin’ shoes!

I didn’t want to advertise this until I felt like it might be physically possible, but I’ve been training for my first full marathon. I’m in week 7 of 16. Almost half way done until the 26.2 miles of stupidity.

Marathons. People do them all of the time. All over the world. So, who cares?

UM….I don’t do them. I am not a runner.

I run. Yeah, but I’ve done a couple of half marathons (13.1 miles) and some small guys (5K). I don’t even particularly enjoy running all that much. I do, however, enjoy marathons.

Here’s the Bill Nye the Science Guy part of it all…(which seriously blows my 25-year-old mind).

So you’ve got this stuff stored up in your muscles called Glycogen. Glycogen is the primary storage form of carbohydrates in the body, and the amount of glycogen the body can store is limited. And by limited, they say that in a typical person, there is enough glycogen present to fuel about two to three hours of moderate exercise. When glycogen stores get low or run out, the runner “hits the wall.” Basically you shouldn’t, technically, scientifically be able to keep moving. Training helps build up these glycogen stores. But basically the last handful of marathon mileage is pure mental willpower.

Willpower. I know a little something about that (that’d there be my Vow reference).

It helps that I’m training with a friend I work with. She and I keep each other in check. She’s has two awesome girls and a hubby (aka a real life), so I really have no excuses. Although I feel the need to make it clear that she’s kind of badass and a lot more athletic than me.

I run to run marathons. They are inspirational. 1,000s of people. Lined up ready to go. Blind people, people in wheel chairs, old people, young people. People. All going for the same incredible goal of endurance. And the Memorial Marathon is May 1. We run in remembrance.

And (of course, along with remembrance) this year, I’m running for me. Completely for me. 2 years ago I ran a 7.6 mile leg of a relay and vomited blue Gatorade afterwards (in OKC on Broadway) because Parker and I had just broken up two weeks before and I couldn’t bring myself to eat so the Gatorade on a 2+ day empty stomach didn’t work out so well. Last year I was dating MF, and he came out to cheer me on, which was one of the most giving things he did in our ship of relations. That whole dealio didn’t work out so well. So, this year, with HOT shoes in tow, I will be running to run. Fully trained. Fully full. Fully me and the pavement and the pain. And the accomplishment.

So put on your shoes, and try a 5K or a 5-person relay. Maybe this 25swf will be running next to you on May 1…you just never know… 😉

With a pep in my step ‘cuz I have pretty new shoes,