Daughter Dear

I once listened to a story on This American Life about a mother who was dying of cancer and wrote her daughter a letter for every birthday. WARNING: If you listen to it make sure you are not on a run like I was…sobbing and snotting yourself as you try and trot is not easy. She wrote the letters so even after she passed she could stay in her daugther’s life and offer her wisdom and encouragement. However, it actually turned out to be a crutch and a very painful thing in the daughter’s life, but the mother had the best of intentions. Don’t they all.

It got me to thinking, though. What if I wrote a letter to my daughter. As a 25 year old, what would I say? What would I want her to know? Would I actually give it to her one of these days?

I actually don’t plan on having kids until I’m 32-ish. I want to see how this letter holds up. Would I change anything? Would I still want her to read it one day? So here I go, a letter to my theoretical girl who will (one day, all too soon) turn into a woman.

Maybe I will give it to her. Perhaps I won’t. Stick with me, and you shall find out 😉 Like 7 years from now… OK, here we go.  Continue reading


Guest Blogger – 1foot: Single And Not Looking, or Save Your Pity, Relationshipped Friends!

(This post is part of an awesome series of awesome 25swf guest bloggers- read about them here!)

I got asked out on a date a while ago. I accepted and we made plans. Then I thought about it some more and cancelled the date.

WHAT??!! But, 1foot, you’re… you know… *stage whisper* SINGLE…

Yep. I am! And I didn’t like the guy who asked and knew I wouldn’t be interested in him no matter how many dinners we had and… the list goes on.

I wanted to write about why I’m happy that I’m single, but it’s hard to write such things without sounding sort of dippy or defensive. But, so it’s out there in the most direct way possible – I’m happy I’m single right now, and I’m not saying that in a dippy or defensive way. I obviously still want someone to love me at some point in that relationshippy way; I’m not denying that that is a happy and fulfilling way to exist sometimes.

BUT Continue reading

A day of one’s.

January 1, 2011. 01-01-11.

Do you have any idea what this means?!?!

Well, this year is going to be #1, of course!

I was —-this close to not going out for New Years. As the day grew I felt less and less in the mood. But I sucked it up.

I started getting ready (with the aid of my Jay-Z Pandora station) and I made it through. I’m so glad I went out and didn’t trust my fuddy-duddy instinct to drown my sorrows in a sad cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of homemade popcorn. I can do that any night 😉

I think I have to do that a lot more…get over my fuddy-duddy instinct. Because despite my outgoing, talk-too-much, people-loving attitude, I LOVE to stay in. I love Netflixing my heart away and hunkering down under the covers with cats sprinkled in there somewhere. It’s glorious. But only glorious when it’s rare.

Like all good things, they are only their best in moderation.

And here’s to 2011! The NUMBER 1 year, by default.

ps. My actual New Year’s Night really wasn’t that exciting (story wise), although enjoyable. I ran into a bunch of people, which was delightful. AND I did get a lot of (mean) glares from the same-sex, due to the red dress, of course. I don’t think I’ve ever experience a mean glare. They are pretty funny looking, really.

Yours futuristically,