It’s so good it hurts

When my friend replaces I with we when she talks about anything

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This Tumblr.  The end.  You’re welcome.

With the Pinterest world and real world coming at me from various directions, the thought of marriage is pretty much a constant in my life. When I found this Tumblr, it was like a weight (I didn’t even realize I was bearing) had been lifted off my shoulders. Funny how humor can do that for you.

Yours laughing all day,


Settling Down

A friend posted this on my wall the other day…

Little did she know “settling down” has been on my mind A LOT lately. Partially due to the fact that my best friend is getting married and we’ve been dress shopping a few times in the past month. Mostly due to the fact that (whether I like it or not) ever since I was a wee-one, I imagined getting married and doing all those things married people do. Which is odd because I had no central man figure in my life growing up (which I have a post about coming up) and my mom never dated. Like never. Marriage wasn’t something I was actually exposed to as a child…it was still something I romanticized.

And let’s be real. Damn Pinterest is making me feel a little antsy about settling down. All those amazing wedding ideas just flashing themselves at me. OF COURSE I have to pin them…in a board I call “Futures.”

But at the end of the day, I know I’m not even ready for that. I have plans to move in the next year. I have a lot more to worry about, and it doesn’t involve lace sleeves and trumpet shapes. I still daydream. And I wonder when I know when I’m ready? I guess I’ll know when I’m asked. And for some reason this video made me feel better about it all. Like I’m not the only one…with fears of suburbia (see my Revolutionary Road post) and the urge to settle down.

Yours feeling less alone thanks to Kimbra,


Guest Blogger – Hello, 50ftManEatingWoman

(This post is part of an awesome series of awesome 25swf guest bloggers- read about them here!)

After 12 simultaneously short and long years in the dating scene, 50ftManEatingWoman found herself in a position to settle down. When things went sour and she was suddenly thrown back into the world of singledom less than a week before the deal went down, she began to question everything surrounding love, relationships, and the ways that people relate to each other.

Now, a few months later, as the shock wears off and deep thinking sets in, she is proud to bring her new questions and ideas to the world of 25 Single White Female Blog, in the hopes that her stories and musings may aid another in their journey to understand WTF ARE PEOPLE THINKING??

Stay tuned for posts about the past, the future, and what every man-eating woman deserves…..

Guest Blogger – Whipperwill: Devotion Came on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown

(This post is part of an awesome series of awesome 25swf guest bloggers- read about them here!)

Back when I was 25 and very much single, I worked for a dot-com company owned by a large family.  The family was close and very open.  They had no qualms with adopting strays.  A wayward stray was I, with my family south of the Oklahoma border, they took me in.  What never went unnoticed by me was how Grandpa doted on Grandma.  Her every whim and notion he anticipated without fail.

One late night at the office, Grandma and I sat talking about love and relationships.  I told her how I was decidedly single, and how I admired her strong relationship with Grandpa.  As I was just gushing about how Grandpa was so attentive and about how sweet he was in his affections – Grandma stopped me.  She told me a tale of how all that devotion came on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

In their whippersnapper days, Grandpa had put Grandma through hell with countless infidelities.  She told me a story that of which I had only heard of in movies.  One where, Grandpa involved in a near fatal car accident with his mistress, who’d been mistaken as his wife at the hospital, was the ultimate heartbreak.  Grandma had a nervous breakdown and had to be institutionalized.  Upon her release, she was pleased to find that Grandpa had got some act right and curbed his philandering ways.

To this day, Grandma still isn’t sure what enticed her husband to fly straight.  Was it her fragile mental state due to him being ever so careless with her heart?  Or was it the near fatal car accident? One can never be too sure.  Everything comes at a price…

I sat there, an ironed jawed Whipperwill, as Grandpa fell from his ivory tower.  “I will never marry.  I shall remain single,” I vowed. Heated to the third degree, I continued, “who needs that shit?!  I have otherworldly heartaches vying for my sanity.”  Grandma then said something I would not soon forget and would later come to challenge.  She said, “marry a man who loves you more, that way he has more to lose…”

At 25, that statement was the nectar in my hot tea, bittersweet.

At 32, vow still in tact, it feels like a smart move, albeit a lonely one.

Everything comes at a price…

Expensively Nobody’s,
^^ Whipperwill ^^