Guest Blogger – firstand25: You only tell this story once. right??

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Hey y’all friends!  Firstand25 comin atcha! Let me begin with how I came up with the name… firstand25.

1) I’m from Oklahoma, went to the University of Oklahoma, and as every sooner in the state of Oklahoma KNOWS, we love football…even if you hate football.

So, I was watching football, and BOOM, inspiration.

2) I just turned 25.

3) Last year was a year of MANY firsts for me. many many many.

Now we add them all together.

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I’m tired of talking

Do you ever just have those days. The ones where you have just been blabbering so much and you don’t even want to open your mouth anymore? Here is to one of those days.

I recently stepped down from a leadership position of a group I helped start. It was bitter-sweet, but mostly sweet. I’m so happy to see where it goes from here. And I’m happy to think about how I’m getting part of my life back. It’s been a great ride, but I was ready to stop talking. As the leader of a group, you talk a lot. Maybe I just talk a lot. Let’s be real…we know I talk a lot. But it is something you have to do.

Sometimes while I’m talking I hang outside myself and I’m just saying to myself, “Blah, blah girl. Get on with it.” It’s sad when you are telling yourself to get to the point. My new goal is to get to the point.

So that’s my point here (did you notice this is a super short post?)…I’m tired of talking. I need a break from all the talking. And I just got it (I’ve been sick all day). But then again here I am. That didn’t last long.

Yours trying to shut up and listen (It’s not working),


The key to life…via Will Smith

Oh, Will Smith…you are really doing it for me right now.

Speaking of running…marathon training has started. That’s 26.2 miles, justsoyaknow. I did it last year…barely. Now I’ve committed myself again…no thanks to a certain Wolf Shorty out there 😉

Here’s to 4 months of running…a shit ton. This time I’m cross training to avoid the 13 extra pounds that snuck their way onto my hips, buttocks, and thighs. Keep the goldfish (cracker not the fish) away from me, I’m on a mission to get lean this time.

Yours taking advice from a Man in Black,


Settling Down

A friend posted this on my wall the other day…

Little did she know “settling down” has been on my mind A LOT lately. Partially due to the fact that my best friend is getting married and we’ve been dress shopping a few times in the past month. Mostly due to the fact that (whether I like it or not) ever since I was a wee-one, I imagined getting married and doing all those things married people do. Which is odd because I had no central man figure in my life growing up (which I have a post about coming up) and my mom never dated. Like never. Marriage wasn’t something I was actually exposed to as a child…it was still something I romanticized.

And let’s be real. Damn Pinterest is making me feel a little antsy about settling down. All those amazing wedding ideas just flashing themselves at me. OF COURSE I have to pin them…in a board I call “Futures.”

But at the end of the day, I know I’m not even ready for that. I have plans to move in the next year. I have a lot more to worry about, and it doesn’t involve lace sleeves and trumpet shapes. I still daydream. And I wonder when I know when I’m ready? I guess I’ll know when I’m asked. And for some reason this video made me feel better about it all. Like I’m not the only one…with fears of suburbia (see my Revolutionary Road post) and the urge to settle down.

Yours feeling less alone thanks to Kimbra,


Technology and the power to exploit the creepers

This is the pretty much greatest thing ever…perhaps Creepy Bob will think twice before he acts all creepy again. Not only does this provide some entertainment value, it also is a really smart way to prevent stalking and have a records of Creepy Bob’s phone calls.

For the full story see Laughing Squid…and subscribe to it because it has all the best things anyways.