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I know some single ladies (and a sir!) who are gracious enough to share their wisdom with us. The more I post as 25swf, the more feedback I receive…and I’m beginning to really see a trend. All of my single friends have very differing opinions and backgrounds than me, but everyone was saying such important things. I thought, you should start a blog! And then I thought, better yet, blog WITH me! We’re smart like that.



Hullo world, it is wonderful to finally meet you! My name is gossipboi and I am a love-a-holic. From Downtown Abbey (get it together Lady Mary!) to ANY rom-com, I needs my fix. Call it mental lethargy or 24 years of singledom, but either way you slice it if there is a happy ending or an awesome montage of dates I am there. (most likely sweating buckets and hoping you can’t hear the sound of my teeth chattering). It is this terrible addiction to love that often leads me down the wrong path. So join me, if you will, as I take you down the rabbit hole that is my love life…..or lack there of.

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Howdy friends. 27swf here, guest blogger extraordinaire coming to you semi-live from sunny California.

I’m stoked to be on this blog, musing about the death of love, the future of women in film and my beverage of the week (currently obsessed with Yogi Ginger Aid — the tea bags have their own fortunes!)

Get ready for some fun times, folks. 27swf has a pseudonym and is therefore ready to bare it all.

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1foot picture

1foot! 1 little foot! AM I A DINOSAUR?!?! Nooo… but I do live in Oklahoma (fossil central?) and I do love to write and do things that involve things that I shall write about.

I am a girl, a human girl, in case that became unclear somewhere.

I am 25swf’s guest here, so I will respect her boundaries and her rules. As we all know, she can really be a taskmaster. Just kidding she’s only given me basically free license. Beware! I love long tangled sentences. Can’t wait to meetchall. Meet you all. Good gravy I’m an Oklahoman.

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Whipperwill avatar

I am Whipperwill, not to be confused with the Whippoorwill, though birds of a feather flock together… I am 32 years old and am notoriously single! Most days I love it, some days I hate it and you can read all about it! As I’ve joined this spectacular journal (of sorts) about love and the lack there of. I am Whipperwill. I am woman. Watch me soar!

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After 12 simultaneously short and long years in the dating scene, 50ftManEatingWoman found herself in a position to settle down. When things went sour and she was suddenly thrown back into the world of singledom less than a week before the deal went down, she began to question everything surrounding love, relationships, and the ways that people relate to each other.

Now, a few months later, as the shock wears off and deep thinking sets in, she is proud to bring her new questions and ideas to the world of 25 Single White Female Blog, in the hopes that her stories and musings may aid another in their journey to understand WTF ARE PEOPLE THINKING??

Stay tuned for posts about the past, the future, and what every man-eating woman deserves…..

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Greetings from the other side of the ocean! I’m a guest blogger recently relocated to Europe, where I too am trying to swim through the vast sea of singles. Although they may have cuter accents over here, I’m finding that men are still men, women are still women, and the joys and pains of dating follow you EVERYWHERE!

I chose the name Granuaile (pronounced graw + nya+ wail ) because she’s described as “one of the most remarkable women in Irish history” and honestly, who doesn’t love to feel remarkable? “Granuaile was a renowned sea captain who led a band of 200 sea-raiders from the coast of Galway in the sixteenth century. Twice widowed, twice imprisoned, fighting her enemies both Irish and English for her rights, condemned for piracy, and finally pardoned in London by Queen Elizabeth herself.”

I’m sure I wont be raiding the seas any time soon, but I definitely hope to bring out more of her spunk and grace in my own life as I try to figure out what all this love business is really about.

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Born at the bottom of a darkened cave in small town Oklahoma and raised in a slightly larger and occasionally brighter cave in same small town Oklahoma, I managed to escape to sunny California with some semblance of sanity and no semblance of sentence structure.

All in all, I am very excited to be tossing my opinions into the metaphorical ring of musings from single females around the global interweb. Diversity is key. So. Welcome to how I see and feel life and love. I hope some of it makes sense to someone other than me. Or at the very least a new idea is sparked. That’s all one can ask for, you know?

Hope you all have as much fun reading as I do writing. Or typing. Whatever.

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girlA Bible Belt Rebel?! What a contradiction, right? Yeah… I know. Welcome to my life.

Remember that girl from junior high who all the PTA moms stood back and talked about? The one who danced a little too closely at the school dances but professed her virginity, and wore low cut shirts while singing in the church choir! Well… THAT’S ME!

While I may have added a few inches (and pounds…damn it) at 27, I’m still that same walking contradiction! Most likely the result of roots grown equally deep in BET music videos and the Pentecostal Hymnal I spend my time happily frolicking (sometimes careening out of control) between picture perfect suburbia and a tabloid scandal. My apartment walls are adorned with pictures of NYC Graffiti AND Portraits of my Grandma, I occasionally wear after-club makeup to church on Sunday mornings, ( At least I went, right?!) and keep my condom stash next to my Chicken Noodle Soup for the Mother’s Soul book in my bedside drawer.

A corn-fed, bible belt Christian girl who proudly got pregnant out of wedlock 6 years, 2 colleges degrees and an embarrassing list of “failed” relationships ago and feels absolutely no fear of a fire and brimstone eternity!

The way I see it… Life is a journey and I’m along for the ride! Its not always pretty, but hindsight keeps it pretty entertaining. My submissions may be fraught with inconsistencies, but damn it I can guarantee at least a little part (the anguished internal teenager part) of you will identify…and quite possibly laugh. A lot…So please enjoy the reading!

– Your Inconsistently Loyal Bible Belt Rebel

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Bonjour, friends!! I am a 25 year old female, and I am perpetually single. But not in the “bad” way. Rather in the “I am f***in’ awesome and don’t have time to be in a relationship because I have too much to do and too much to see and feelings just get in the way and I can’t handle that right now” type way. You understand I’m sure. I will be writing to you from the bitter cold NE corner of our nation, hopefully my posts don’t get super doleful the colder and darker it gets. I am extra grateful 25swf is allowing me to ramble and babble as I please, and I do hope you will enjoy yourself as you venture along with me on this arduous journey of being a 20 something in this, the last year of our human existence (if this turns out to be a bust *highly unlikely* then I shall surely make an addendum to this bio thingy. 

– firstand25

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