Feel Better

I think music is incredibly powerful and vital to healing. From anything. Death, dismay, pain, betrayal, and oh-so-especially, heartache.

Yeah there are tons of break up songs, those aren’t hard to find. I can’t count how many mixed CDs were traded in high school with the angsty theme attached. …but what about the pump-you-up-take-no-shit-movin’-on-with-yo-life songs?

Here are mine…

I’d recommend grooveshark to make your own bad ass playlists…

  1. Hot Chip –  “I Feel Better”
  2. Milosh – “It’s Over”
  3. Smoosh – “Free to Stay”
  4. Mike Snow – “Animal”
  5. Nsync- “It’s Gonna Be Me”
  6. Crystal Castles – “Magic Spells”
  7. Gold Panda – “You”
  8. Nelly Furtado – “Maneater”
  9. Mariah Carey – “Emotions”

Any recommendations out there? I’m always looking for more songs to blare in my car when I’m feeling particularly positive despite my current condition of relationship failure and constant mental nagging of “I wonder what he is doing…?”


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