It’s A Girls’ Club. You’re Not Invited. (it’s okay though, because you really are… invited…)

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I never joined a sorority, in college. There were a lot of reasons, but mainly, I just didn’t feel like I would fit in with a whole bunch of girly girls, since I kind of spent my whole life with boys, being 1 girl in the midst of 3 brothers, playing soccer, rough housing, tackling people at random moments, and generally being kind of aggressive. I don’t have a very girly mom, either, so I relied on Seventeen magazine, Bobbie Brown, and the handful of close girlfriends I had picked up over the years to show me “the way.”

You know. The Way. The way to GIRLTOWN, BITCHES! For most of my life, I’d never been to GirlTown, and my friends had always lovingly tried to nudge me along the path. It’s not like I’m Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That or anything, in desperate need of a makeover and some contact lenses. I know when I look and feel pretty, and I know how to make myself feel confident in both my appearance and my personality. That’s not what I’m talking about when I say GirlTown. Looking and feeling good is part of it, but it’s all a byproduct of the most natural high you can get: hanging out in a group with a bunch of chicks. One of my friends told me that she read an article that stated, “A group of women socializing together can evoke the natural equivalent of a cocaine high.” This. Is. So. True. I don’t know if that article actually exists, but the fact of the matter is, when you’re surrounded by a big group of ladies that you love or are just beginning to love, it’s an experience quite unlike any other. It’s GirlTown. Amazing things happen in GirlTown. Like discussions about Sextrology. Drunken makeovers. Lustful J Crew encounters. Et cetera.

I landed there (approaching GirlTown Airport, please buckle your bedazzled and/or classy burlap-and-turquoise seatbelts!) recently, and it’s partly due to this amazing, fantastic, lovely little website called It’s basically a crap-ton of awesome ladies of all ages writing about lady things and just being awesome. The best part about it is, they promote non-judgmental attitudes, especially from one lady to another. Give them a look-see, because they’re pretty awesome over there.

See, as chickies, we kind of have this tendency to look at another ‘gal and immediately size her up. I think it’s probably hard-wired into our brains, as a means of sizing up the competition for the most promising mate. So there’s the cool evolution factor. But there’s also the fact that it alienates us from one another. And as bitchin’ as aliens are (way, way effing cool), wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to convene like in some sort of summit? A celebration of girls (and by the way, girls means ALL ages, 0-100million) and why we’re awesome and different and cool. WHO’S WITH ME. We’ll listen to anything we want, and do anything we want. There will be a crafting room, a dancing room, a reading room, a debating room, a room with a floor made out of a trampoline, a room full of slides, a tree house room, an obstacle course room, a makeup room, a giant closet room full of clothes, a writing room, a one-person only room, a sexy room, a sexy discussions room, a murder mystery dinner room, a cooking room, a music-listening room, a music-making room, a dinosaur room, a costume room, a poetry room, a story-telling room, a movie room, a horse room…

I could honestly list probably 97 thousand more rooms. What rooms do YOU want?!?

(PS – the word ‘room’ sounds/looks really strange. Anyone? Anyone?)

(PPSS – are dudes welcome? I don’t even know… I mean I LOVE dudes and their dude-iness. But… it’s GirlTown! Okay, maybe we’ll actually just have a dude appreciation room. And dudes that are into the same things we’re into can participate too. I guess.)




3 thoughts on “It’s A Girls’ Club. You’re Not Invited. (it’s okay though, because you really are… invited…)

  1. i LOOOVE girltown!!!! I can’t wait to bounce in the trampoline room!! also we should have a room for general relaxing from all the excitement caused in all the other rooms. a…nap? room.

    • nap room added!! also spa room, for facials and massages and nail painting.

      …i may or may not be drawing up blueprints to this town…

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