No Drama Mama

I feel like as of lately a lot of my posts…oh-hell, all of them, are dramatic. Not dramatized…that shit is too real, but just DRAMATIC. And well, I’m exhausted.

I am not a drama queen. And usually, my life is pretty simple, by all accounts of the word. But you wouldn’t have thought that from these recent posts about meeting exes, vagina hearts, and the curious clicking I’ve been blabbering about.

So, I wanted to share something different with you…

These are the things on my mind lately, but I just whittled down to 5 of them, for attention span sake.

1- Hershey’s lip balm blows (but not in the good way). Don’t buy it.

BOOOOOOO! =  picture of hershey's lip balm

2- I LOVE when people cook for me. It’s so special to me. Like in a touch-my-heart kind of way. I wish I knew how to cook more and I could make other people feel that way.

3- I am going to volunteer for something very soon. This is what has been missing from my life! I really do love to volunteer and I haven’t done it in like a year. While I volunteer on like EVERY film project (that’s what I do-do) in the world, I need some good ‘ole fashioned volunteer warmth. My friend is going to start working at the Ronald McDonald’s House and I think that’s where I will go!

YAY!!!! = Ronald McDonald Charity logo

4- I’m looking for a second job, part-time, to start saving money for New York. I’m really excited about this! I may work at the Y, or the Civic Center…I don’t know, I just want to enjoy what I’m doing and burrow it away for my New York nest.

5- I am seriously considering becoming a Buddhist. I have never cared to be a part of a religion, but lately…that has changed. I have this deep urge to be a part of Buddhism and learn more. I think it’s time for me to do some leg work, go to some temples, and find out if it’s for me. Buddha imageMy boss is a Buddhist so I asked him and apparently it’s not weird for white peeps to come to temple. I know that’s strange, but that’s what I worried about…if I would be offending someone because I wasn’t raised as a Buddhist and I might be viewed as appropriating their culture. I took this Honors College course once that really left a dent. I’m always conscientious (afraid) of being that white person who appropriates culture. But I think if I am respectful and genuine, I don’t care. I think Buddha is calling to me. (But not in the creepy Jesus kind of “he’s-talking-to-me” way). And I think I’m going to answer.

Namaste (In Sanskrit this word means “I bow to you”),



3 thoughts on “No Drama Mama

  1. A. Ronald McDonald house is totally awesome. My best friend stayed at the Denver house for like two months when her son was born early and had a lot of complications. And did you know that you could go and prepare a meal for them? That would knock out two of your whims.

    B. Buddha Mind Monastery has meditation classes on Friday evenings. It is a different flavor of Buhhism than your boss, but you might enjoy exploring it through some of their classes.

    • Linzwriter, that’s a very good point! I may have to work up to that though, or do a joint cooking session. I don’t want to accidentally poison anyone 😉 and I will look into this Buddha Mind Monastery. Thanks for sharing!

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